Speaking at flatMap Oslo again this year

Putting the finishing touches on my “Scala for Java developers” workshop for the FlatMap Oslo conference. It will be my second year speaking there. Last year the conference was fantastic. Good speakers, well organised but I was still a little bit nervous when heading off for the conference. I’ve been speaking at developer conferences for close to 10 years but it’s been .Net focused conferences where I have known many of the attending speakers. Going to a conference around functional programming and not knowing anyone there, using Scala that is fairly new to me felt like a big challenge. I got a very warm welcoming by my fellow speakers and the organisers and felt right at home. My presentation went well and I felt really encouraged. I submitted a few more abstracts and got to speak at Scala.IO in Lyon later that year. This time around I know many of the speakers. I’m looking forward to meeting all my new friends and getting an inspiration boost from the conference.

Are you curious about Scala but you haven’t had the chance to play around with it yet or have you experienced all the benefits and you want to sell it to your colleagues than you should join the workshop . It will do a quick comparison between Scala and Java and also get you familiar with the Scala syntax and some basic functional concepts.

I started at SpeedLedger about a year ago and I feel that I have grown by learning so many new things, getting to know new people and speaking at conferences. I started here because I wanted to work with functional programming and I’ve had a great journey. We are hiring and if you are interested in Scala, live and Gothenburg and want to know more, give me a shout.